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BREAKING RECORDS: R2Sonic’s 2020 Watercraft Portable System Earns MURI Recognition

PT Geotronix Pratama Indonesia (Geotronix), in collaboration with the Indonesian Navy (TNI Angkatan Laut), awarded with the MURI World Record for The First Application of a Wideband Multibeam Echosounder for Bathymetric Survey Using A Jetski. The award was presented during the opening ceremony of the Naval Expo 2022, part of the 77th anniversary celebration of… read more

3D Mapping of Prambanan Temple Compound

LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) is an active remote sensing system using a laser beam to obtain data on topographic characteristics of the ground surface in horizontal and vertical positions. LiDAR technology in geospatial industry has been widely applied by industrial surveyors as well as academics, like a research previously initiated by Gadjah Mada University… read more

Geotronix Strengthens Its Grip in Marine Construction By Partnering With Trimble CEC

Geotronix and Trimble Civil Engineering & Construction (CEC) launches the dealership cooperation through Trimble Day in Pelindo Place, Surabaya (30/8). Bringing up the topic ‘Trimble Marine Construction for Positioning’, Trimble Day was held in Surabaya, the epicentrum of marine construction in Indonesia where most of the country’s largest marine contractors reside and being represented. In… read more

GeoSwath 4: The Latest Innovation in AI Technology in Hydroacoustics

AI technology is slowly taking over our daily lives in ways we could never imagine. From voice assistants to self-driving cars, AI has made our lives easier and made processes more efficient. In the surveying industry, AI has revolutionized the way we collect, process, and analyze the data. One of the latest innovations is the… read more



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