GeoSwath 4: The Latest Innovation in AI Technology in Hydroacoustics

AI technology is slowly taking over our daily lives in ways we could never imagine. From voice assistants to self-driving cars, AI has made our lives easier and made processes more efficient. In the surveying industry, AI has revolutionized the way we collect, process, and analyze the data. One of the latest innovations is the GeoSwath 4, a bathymetric sonar produced by GeoAcoustics Ltd.

The GeoSwath 4 is the latest innovation of bathymetric sonars manufactured by GeoAcoustics Ltd. It was introduced by Geotronix to Indonesian market at GeoAcoustics Day event (24/10). The event was attended by various survey companies with interest in the advancements in hydroacoustic technology developed by the Great Yarmouth-based manufacturer. With its state-of-the-art AI technology, GeoSwath 4 provides a high level of accuracy in hydrographic surveying.

The new AI processing augments the existing automated filtering in the GS4 software by removing surplus and undesired data autonomously; during acquisition, the system is designed to log clean data, without any user intervention in the cleaning process, enabling better operational agility and decision support, while cutting the time to final data in post-processing.

The processing happens in real time, so users only need to oversee data quality and coverage during acquisition, while at the post-processing stage, the focus can be purely on georeferencing the bathymetric data using deterministic calculations. The final, noise-free and high-resolution bathy products will be fully reproducible with minimal human intervention.

“Our new AI provides real-time actionable bathymetric data on the survey vessel, providing scope for checking coverage and target detection while out on the water,” said Chief of Commerial Officer of GeoAcoustics Ltd, Dr. Richard Dowdeswell. “It negates the need for a return survey as the quality of the data acquired is known before returning to shore, which reduces the potential for cost overruns and accelerates delivery of the final data to the client.”

GeoAcoustics Ltd has been a partner for the offshore energy, subsea, and marine survey sectors since 1978. Well-established as a provider of field-proven bathymetric sonars, side scan sonar and sub-bottom profilers, their technology is as dependable as it is precise. GeoAcoustics Ltd has forged its own technology path, using interferometry for accurate seabed mapping, developing Artificial Intelligence for faster data processing and unlocking new applications with form factors designed to optimise performance.

For more information about GeoSwath 4 and other hydroacoustic equipment from GeoAcoustics, please contact Geotronix.


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