Geotronix Strengthens Its Grip in Marine Construction By Partnering With Trimble CEC

Geotronix and Trimble Civil Engineering & Construction (CEC) launches the dealership cooperation through Trimble Day in Pelindo Place, Surabaya (30/8). Bringing up the topic ‘Trimble Marine Construction for Positioning’, Trimble Day was held in Surabaya, the epicentrum of marine construction in Indonesia where most of the country’s largest marine contractors reside and being represented. In the event attended by several marine contractors and stakeholders in marine construction industry to discuss the ongoing marine construction operations and how technology can improve safety, productivity, and resource efficiency.

Asia Pacific Senior Director of Sales and Distribution of Trimble Civil Engineering & Construction (CEC), Troy Rigby, together with CEO of Geotronix, Fajar Setio Adi, introduced Trimble Marine Construction (TMC), a system configuration consisting of GNSS receiver, signal correction, radio, IMU, antennas, tablets, computers, and software aimed in optimizing the productivity and efficiency of dredging operations, marine construction, as well as hydrographic surveys.

At the event, Troy Rigby, and Regional Sales Manager of Trimble CEC Indonesia, Henra Sastrawan, delivered an introductory presentation of Trimble and TMC as a game-changing solution for marine construction. The session was then followed by an informal networking event where the audience shared their challenges mostly in dredging operations and discussed with Geotronix and Trimble team about how TMC can solve their problems.

“I used to work for a state-owned dredging company in Abu Dhabi 12 years ago. The project was to build four industrial islands to enhance oil productivity, so we were demanded to get it finished quickly. By then, the project was tremendously benefited from the application of machine control system technology like TMC but somehow, I have never seen it optimally implemented anywhere in Indonesia until now”, said Fajar. By utilizing TMC, marine contractors can enhance their productivity to 10 % – 50 %, depending on the configuration used.

Trimble Civil Engineering CEC appointed Geotronix as distributor in June 2023 for products ranging from sensors, hardware, to software specific for the construction industry in general. Considering the company’s prominent root in marine survey and construction in the past 9 years of its establishment, Trimble CEC did not hassle to decide to cooperate with Geotronix in penetrating Indonesia’s market especially for marine construction products.

“Geotronix has a very good reputation in the market for working with port authority and various marine stakeholders for many years. They have the capability, credibility, and the experienced personnel to make the paradigm change, simple. Technology can be complicated sometimes, but if you’re working with the right partner it’s going to make it easier to implement the technology”, said Troy.

“By partnering with Trimble, Geotronix will be able to provide a more comprehensive solution towards our valuable customers in marine construction beyond what we are now capable of serving. Not to mention that Trimble’s technology will obviously bring the marine construction industry in Indonesia to the next level by improving its operational safety, productivity, and efficiency. As we can see from today’s event, the audiences are very positive that they can really benefit from what Trimble offers to optimize their projects and operations”, added Fajar.


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