EIVA Navisuite Nardoa

Advanced 3D pipeline & cable route inspection software for data acquisiton and processing

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Advanced 3D pipeline & cable route inspection software
The NaviSuite Nardoa is a cutting-edge, completely integrated 3D software solution for acquisition and processing of data during subsea pipeline and cable route inspections.

This proven, off-the-shelf software bundle allows you to save man-hours and money while delivering high-quality, thorough and comprehensive inspection results to your customers.

It encompasses the following software products – and can be upgraded with our NaviSuite Deep Learning option for high-performance, automatic data processing with both classification and segmentation of images and videos during subsea pipeline inspections.

NaviPac Pro – Navigation & positioning
Comprehensive ROV and vessel navigation information and positioning calculation.
NaviScan – Sonar data acquisition – The gateway to 3D
Real-time visualisation of sonar and LiDAR data acquisition and eventing, enabling on-the-fly QC.
NaviEdit Pro – Inspection data editing – Fixing all errors
Editing of overall survey settings, raw sensor data and geodetic settings.
NaviModel Producer / 3D pipe option – 3D terrain modelling – Pipeline inspection in 3D
Advanced automatic cleaning and digitisation of terrain and pipe or cable in a 3D environment, and registration of objects of interest (eventing).
NaviPlot – Chart production – Finishing the paperwork
Easy creation of inspection charts, providing extensive overview of results

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