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EIVA NaviScan

Sonar Data Acquisition
Data acquistion of multi-beam echo sounder, sidescan sonar, subsea laser and LiDAR.
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EIVA NaviPlot

Chart Production
Naviplot long  NaviPlot allows for easy and professional layout of survey data on paper charts, increasing speed of chart production, including series production of alignment-based charts.
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EIVA NaviPac

NaviPac is the NaviSuite workhorse.
It provides navigation information and positioning calculations in support of any offshore task.
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EIVA NaviModel Producer

The full NaviModel version includes features such as eventing, cleaning, stitching, digitisation, and EC-3D anti-noise cleaning option for sonar and laser.

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EIVA NaviModel

Navimodel long NaviModel offers high-performance digital terrain models in 2D, 3D and 4D. The software features high-tech tools for model analysis and manipulations.

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EIVA NaviEdit

Editing of overall survey settings, raw sensor data and geodetic settings. This applies to data recorded with NaviSuite products as well as third-party software products, such as Kongsberg SIS, HYPACK, GSF, etc.

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EIVA NaviSuite Nardoa

Advanced 3D pipeline & cable route inspection software
The NaviSuite Nardoa is a cutting-edge, completely integrated 3D software solution for acquisition and processing of data during subsea pipeline and cable route inspections.
This proven, off-the-shelf software bundle allows you to save man-hours and money while delivering high-quality, thorough and comprehensive inspection results to your customers.
It encompasses the following software products – and can be upgraded with our NaviSuite Deep Learning option for high-performance, automatic data processing with both classification and segmentation of images and videos during subsea pipeline inspections.
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Geotide Software

Harmonic Tidal Analyser
  • Tidal Heights or Currents from 1 month to 18 years
  • Fast & Accurate
  • Data Import & Glitch Removal
  • Tidal Levels: MSL, LAT, HAT, etc
  • Harmonic Constants Encryption
  • Exceedance Analysis
  • Tidal Predictor
  • Clear and Easy-to-Use Tidal Plots
  • Tide Tables: Hourly, High & Low, in “HO Style”
  • Locations Map
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