One Stop Partner to Support any of Your Survey Project Requirement

Our Service


In addition to survey equipment sales and rental, Geotronix provide Project Support Services so that we can be your one-stop partner to support any of your survey project requirement.


Survey Personnel Services

We are able to provide highly-skilled offshore personnel to offer professional guidance and support for mobilizations and for the maintenance of equipment both on and offshore – and also to involve as part of project team. Beside utilizing our own permanent staffs, we are also having extensive pool of well screened and internationally qualified offshore personnel. We understand everything there is to know about life offshore because we’ve been there ourselves.

Our pool of Offshore Personnel consist of the following:

  • Survey Engineers
  • Hydrographic Surveyor
  • Geophysicist
  • Client Site Representative / QC Surveyor

Turnkey Mobilization Services

We understand that mobilizing Offshore Personnel for on-shore mobilization preparation can be costly, because the company have bear for personnel’s day rate – especially if it’s freelance personnel. Therefore we provide this service which includes procurement of various equipment for project purpose such as Computers, Consumables, Pole Fabrication, Custom Transit Case Fabrication, etc – all are packed at a very reasonable service charge.

So far we have provided this service to several survey companies in Indonesia and proven in increasing our client’s efficiency.

Logistic Handling

Through our solid relationship with the local logistic companies and our own fleet, we can provide you Trucking and Logistic Handling Services within Indonesia region.