Trimble Marine Construction Systems for Cutter Suction Dredges


Efficient Dredging
The operator and tug captain have a real-time view of the dredger with the plan and profile views displaying the vessel outline and the dredge head along with the surveyed surface, design and dredged depth.

Robust and reliable solutions maximize uptime
Dredge tolerance visualization provides guidance for accurate, efficient dredging productivity
Supports RTK for precise tide and heave calculation
Import or build project design and survey models in the office or field

Real-Time Visualization and Monitoring
Trimble Marine Construction systems support visualization and monitoring of the angle and position of the ladder and cutterhead. View the absolute position of the dredge head in relation to the surveyed and any number of design surfaces. The working surface is updated with the dredged depths in real-time and displayed in plan, profile and 3D views. Over-dredge and under-dredge tolerances can be set and are visible on the profile view of the dredge head.

Supports real time sonar inputs providing as-building capability
Continuous data logging for as-building and volume reports

Customizable Interface
Multiple monitors with independent layouts can be tailored to the needs of the dredge operator. A color-coded plan view and 3D rendering highlights high and low spots. The surface Digital Terrain Model (DTM) is updated in real-time registering the progress of the dredging work showing depth, differential and production models all updated according to progress of the cutter head.

Administrator can configure the screens for a specific workflow/user and lock it down for the operator
Create machine or vessel shapes or import models from CAD software, including the 3D modeling tool SketchUp

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