Trimble Marine Construction Systems for Clamshell Crane Dredges


Efficient Dredging
Trimble Marine Construction systems for clamshell dredging applications help dredge operators improve productivity and efficiency. The operator has a real-time overview of the crane, tool and barge in plan and profile views. Displays include the bucket position, bucket open/close status, bucket depth along with the surveyed and design depths.

Robust and reliable solutions maximize uptime
Dredge tolerance visualization provides guidance for accurate, efficient dredging productivity
Third-party laser sensor for non-vertical cable tracking
Diking mode facilitates material placement operations

Real-Time Visualization and Monitoring
Real-time views of the dredger in plan and profile view displays the clamshell, design depths and color-coded Digital Terrain Model (DTM). The DTM highlights the high and low spots relative to grade and is updated in real-time tracking the progress of the dredging work. The update follows the shape of the clamshell and is visible immediately in all the views. The system also shows the open/close status of the bucket. A built-in calibration procedure allows for easy calibration of the cable counters.

Supports real time sonar inputs providing as-building capability
Continuous data logging for as-building and volume reports
Precise RTK can be used for precise tide and heave calculation

Real-Time Seafloor and Design
Up/down indicators show the operator the exact distance to the seafloor and design depth during movement. The software supports complex 3D designs.

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