Trimble Marine Construction Systems for Bucket Dredges


Efficient Dredging
Trimble Marine Construction systems help dredge operators improve productivity and efficiency. The operator has a real-time view of the dredge chain and barge in plan and profile views. Displays include the bottom bucket chain wheel, buckets, under and over dredge limits against the surveyed and design surfaces.

Robust and reliable solutions maximize uptime
Dredge tolerance visualization provides guidance for accurate, efficient dredging productivity
Integrated dredge and surveying functions in one package

Real-Time Visualization and Monitoring
See real-time views of the dredger in plan and profile views displaying the buckets, design depths and color-coded Digital Terrain Model (DTM). The DTM highlights the high and low spots relative to design and is updated in realtime tracking the progress of the dredging work. The views are updated in real time using the defined bucket tip position and width. A built-in calibration function allows for easy calibration of the chain wheel, ladder and buckets.

Continuous data logging for as-building and volume reports
Precise RTK for tide and heave

Real-Time Seafloor and Design
Up/down indicators show the operator the exact distance to the seafloor and design depth during movement. The software supports complex 3D designs.

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