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MultiTrack Technology
Locks on and tracks passive prisms for control measurements, and active prism targets for grade control and paving applications
Prevents costly delays and subsequent rework; faster speed means increased productivity and faster results to grade

Trimble MagDrive™ servo technology is an electromagnetic direct drive servo system which gives high turning speeds and accuracy, the frictionless motion removes servo noise and reduces instrument wear
Turns the instrument up to 115° per second. Patented high speed Trimble MagDrive technology allows for faster grading closer to the total station
For measurement tasks, MagDrive offers fast pointing, aiming and tracking, plus slow motion controls for manual aiming
Endless horizontal and vertical motion, including fine adjustment

Automatically corrects the horizontal and vertical angles and instrument pointing for mislevelment of the instrument
Means your measurements will be accurate, even if you don’t set up the instrument perfectly level

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