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Rugged, All-In-One Solution
Combines unprecedented strength and durability into a compact form that is easy to use and virtually indestructible
The most rugged receiver Trimble has ever built, so you won’t experience downtime with equipment that doesn’t work
Sensor onboard shows verticality on field controller screen; in the dark or hard to reach locations, work more efficiently and save time when you can’t easily see the rod bubble
With a longer battery life in the field you can keep working longer

Tilt Compensation
Using the Trimble R780 GNSS Smart Antenna with tilt compensation and Trimble Siteworks Positioning Software, capture accurate points while standing, walking or driving the site in a vehicle, while the receiver is not level. From inside the vehicle, contractors can set the height of the antenna and quickly interrogate surface models using the real-time 3D surface display. Tilt compensation allows for faster data collection—create larger digital terrain models faster and with improved accuracy.

Advantages of Tilt Compensation
Easy to learn for beginners, saves time for experienced surveyors
Easily and safely survey hard to reach areas (corners, traffic lanes, utility flowlines)
From a moving vehicle, capture higher accuracy measurements on steeper slopes
Capture more accurate volume measurements to save time and money on material planning
Auto-measure antenna height
Faster measurements, more efficient stake-outs
No magnetic interference

Can be easily moved from carrying case to range pole, tripod, t-bar, or vehicle with a single click
Easier and faster to get going and allows for more flexibility of operation techniques

Trimble xFill Technology
Trimble xFill technology expands site productivity by allowing short excursions into valleys and other locations where GNSS corrections were not previously available.

Trimble ProPoint Technology
Trimble ProPoint GNSS technology uses all available signals to provide survey-grade positioning in many areas where other GNSS systems either can’t provide a solution at all or produce unreliable error estimates.

Trimble CenterPoint RTX
Trimble CenterPoint RTX is the best satellite-delivered GNSS positioning service for your most precise jobs, providing you with the freedom to work anywhere without interruptions.

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