Trimble Machine Guidance for Wire Crane Block Placement


Accurate Placement
The operator has a real-time view of the excavator, crane and barge in plan and profile views. Profile displays show tool depth along with the surveyed and design depths.

Tolerance visualization provides guidance for accurate, efficient dredging and placement productivity
RTK can be used for precise tide and heave measurement
Third party laser for non-vertical wire
Third party detachable sensor for block orientation during placement

Real-Time Visualization and Monitoring
Real-time views of the machine in plan, profile and 3D displays the object being placed and its associated design location and orientation with both visual and numeric guidance for the operator. This ‘Eyes below the water’ approach provides the tools necessary for precise underwater placement and seawall construction operations.

Supports real time sonar inputs providing as-building capability
Continuous data logging for as-building and volume reports

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