iBoat BS3 USV

Swift and intelligent surveying unmanned surface vehicle

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‘iBoat BS3 USV
iBoat BS3 is a swift and intelligent surveying unmanned surface vehicle with unmatched usability and professional hull design. It is equipped with a high-performance single beam echo sounder, high-precision GNSS positioning and on-board data control and acquisition software. The excellent sounding module offers a measurement range from 0.15 m to 300 m, able to adapt to different working environments. Besides, ADCP and side-scan sonar can also be added for versatile applications.

Compact and User-friendly Design
Professional Survey Echo Sounder
Absolutely Accurate Auto-pilot

Product Parameters
Up to 2 km
Communication distance
6 m/s
Max speed
4 h @ 2 m/s
Battery endurance
0.15 m to 200 m
Sounding range
7 kg
Weight(without instrument and bttery)
10 cm
Positioning accuracy

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