Hemisphere VS 101

VS101 GPS Compass is a heading/positioning receiver of professional quality. Serving precise applications, it is suitable for navigation and machine control uses.



Enhanced GNSS heading and positioning technology with GLONASS. Precise marine and land applications demand the heading and positioning performance of the Vector™ VS131™ receiver making it ideal for professional machine control and navigation applications in any environment.

The Vector VS131 utilizes all of the innovations of Hemisphere GNSS’ Crescent® Vector technology, offering a series of features to the Vector VS131 including heave, pitch, and roll output.

The Vector VS131 receiver, with its display and user interface, can be conveniently installed near the operator. The two antennas are mounted separately and with a user-determined separation to meet the desired accuracy. The Vector VS131 is L-Band DGNSS (VBS), Beacon, and SBAS capable for differential GNSS positioning. Our MFA DGNSS patented technology allows the VS131 to smoothly transition between DGNSS systems.

Features :

  • Enhanced heading performance with GLONASS
  • GNSS heading better than 0.04° RMS
  • L1 GPS/GLONASS RTK capable
  • Additional satellite tracking ensures a robust solution
  • Maintains heading and position lock in obstructed areas
  • Accurate heading up to 3 minutes during GPS outages
  • COAST™ technology maintains differentially-corrected positioning for 40 minutes or more after loss of differential signal
  • ntegrated gyro and tilt sensors help deliver fast start-up times and provide heading updates during temporary loss of satellites
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Hemisphere VS 101