GeoTide 3 Tidal Analysis & Prediction. The Integrated Tidal Solution

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Harmonic Tidal Analyser
– Tidal Heights or Currents from 1 month to 18 years
– Fast & Accurate
– Data Import & Glitch Removal
– Tidal Levels: MSL, LAT, HAT, etc
– Harmonic Constants Encryption
– Exceedance Analysis
Tidal Predictor
– Clear and Easy-to-Use Tidal Plots
– Tide Tables: Hourly, High & Low, in “HO Style”
– Locations Map

Simplicity in Analysis
Whether your need is to create accurate tidal predictions or to
establish precise tidal levels, this unique tool offers you a
comprehensive, easy-to-use and flexible solution.
Designed for the professional tidal hydrographer and surveyor,
GeoTide utilizes the time-proven technique of tidal harmonic
analysis to produce highly accurate results from tidal height or
stream data.
The GeoTide package provides everything you need to create
high quality tidal predictions and tidal levels from your tidal
data resources – and to distribute them to your end-users as
professional looking documents, both on paper and in digital
GeoTide is used worldwide by Port Authorities, Naval
Departments, Hydrographic Offices and Offshore Industries,
providing reliable tidal information for all types of marine
The tightly integrated system comprises two modules:-
 The Tidal Analyser, which converts tidal data into
accurate harmonic constants – the essential ingredient
for producing accurate tidal predictions.,
 The Tidal Predictor, which uses the harmonic constants
to create and distribute tidal predictions – as formatted
tables, graphs or in digital form.

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