EIVA Navisuite Kuda Singlebeam

Affordable software with deep feature list for singlebeam echosounder data acquisition and processing

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Affordable software with deep feature list for shallow water surveys

Benefit from the advanced features of the NaviSuite products that are bundled in the NaviSuite Kuda solution, dedicated to shallow water surveys. It aims to offer you all the necessary tools to carry out time-efficient bathymetry operations that result in extensive end reports with high-quality data.

NaviSuite Kuda Single Beam Acquisition and Processing allows for navigation, survey planning and hydrographic data acquisition/processing with single beam echo sounders, magnetometers and other single source input sensors.

Please note: For every licence purchased, you get a single dongle or a single subscription licence with NaviPac Lite, NaviEdit Lite, NaviModel Single Beam (special version for this NaviSuite Kuda variant), and NaviPlot.

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