Trimble Marine Receivers and Sensors

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Precise GPS for Tide
Monitor water level changes in real-time, providing a more precise and cost-effective solution than conventional methods.

When connected to the receiver, Trimble Marine Construction Software can compute real-time water level calculations, removing the need for tide gauges and associated radio links.

Flexible and Reliable Components
Components share a common interface so you can reuse data and accessories across multiple applications. They are compatible with marine systems from other manufacturers to integrate with existing hardware and workflows.

Trimble GNSS receivers can receive corrections from a traditional base station or other virtual sources.

Configure the MPS865 receiver with Trimble Siteworks field software to use on site and on the vessel for field rover measure up, base station set up and topographic mapping.

Powerful Office and Field Software
Trimble Marine Construction Software and Trimble Business Center offer workflows for all phases of onshore and offshore marine construction.

For dredging and construction, combine the MPS865 receiver with Trimble Marine Construction software for accurate 3D visualization of the dredging process.

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