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‘The AML-3 series of instruments is a highly configurable family
of multiparameter sondes designed for a wide range of data
collection applications. The ‘3’ designation refers to the number
of sensors that may be simultaneously installed on the instrument’s
endcap. Additional sensors may be connected externally, allowing
up to 5 sensors in total.

Typical Configurations include:

• Sound Velocity Profiling (SVP)
• Sound Velocity and Turbidity Profiling (SVP Tu)
• Conductivity Temperature & Depth (CTD)
• Sound Velocity / Conductivity Temperature & Depth (SVCTD)

The AML-3 comes in the AML-3 LGR and the AML-3 RT. While
nearly identical in size and form factor, the two configurations
differ in a few key features which specialize them for their
respective applications:

• The LGR designation (ie. AML-3 LGR) are self-powered via a
rechargeable internal battery and have a mechanical on/off
switch adjacent to their shackle. These instruments are most
commonly used for multiparameter profiling applications and
internally log sensor measurements and transfer data postdeployment.

• The RT designation (ie. AML-3 RT) stream data while in-situ
(though they have the ability to internally record data as well).
Power and communication to these instruments is facilitated
via a waterproof connector located adjacent to the shackle.

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