1-EIVA Talk1 On Wednesday (9/16), in conjuction with the EIVA Evening@Bandung held the day before, Geotronix along with EIVA visited Geodetic Engineering of Bandung Institute of Technology. It was the initial step for EIVA to contribute; supporting and growing the higher education of Geodesy and Geomatics Engineering in Indonesia. During the visit, Marck Madsen delivered a general lecture session together with Poerbandono, Dr.rer.nat., Assoc.Prof., Surveyor A (Hons.), Head of Graduate Study Program – Geodesy & Geomatics Engineering Faculty of Earth Sciences & Technology. 1-EIVA Talk Other than delivering general lecture session, both parties were discussing EIVA’s plan to grant some amounts of EIVA NaviSuite’s license to the campus, which will also supported by training program from Geotronix. With the cooperation, we hope there will be seamless transition from academic to industrial scope for these young Hydrographic Surveyor in the forthcoming future. PT Geotronix Pratama Indonesia (Geotronix) is a land and marine survey equipment sales and rental company. We provide bathymetric survey and land/marine positioning solutions. Geotronix is established with a spirit to become the trusted partner of our customers by providing an innovative approach, reliable service and a flexible yet professional commercial terms to cater the increasing industry demands.]]>

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