Pacific Crest PDL High Power Base (HPB)

Surveyors utilizing Global Navigation Satellite Systems require rugged radio modem data links for precise positioning informaton. PDL products are compact, lightweight and offer power-efficient operation. They are easy to use and provide high performance and rugged dependability for the toughest survey environments.

Products are designed to easily mount on all standard tripods and range poles. Complete kit soluti ons are available.

The PDL High Power Base (HPB) has a high output power of 35 W which makes it the most powerful radio of its type anywhere. With a fast over-the-air data rate, the PDL HPB also offers reduced latency for improved GPS positioning.


Fast Over-the-Air Data Rate – 19,200 bits per second

  • Reduced latency provides better GPS position information
  • Lower power consumption allows longer field operation
  • Greater throughput handles both GPS and GLONASS

Enhanced User Interface – Channel display and buttons

  • View and change radio channel
  • Monitor charge status and other parameters

Intelligent Protocols – Forward Error Correction (FEC), AutoBase  and AutoRover technology

  • FEC provides improved noise immunity and range
  • Base automatically selects channel with AutoBase
  • Rover automatically locks to base with AutoRover

Rugged Construction – Designed specifically for GPS RTK fie ld surveying

  • Double shock mounted electronics improve reliability
  • Water tight operation stands up to bad weather conditions
  • Built-in mounts simplify tripod and range pole mounting

Backward Compatible – Interoperable with RDDR, RFM and Trimble products

  • Benefit by the latest technology with your existing equip ment
  • Facilitates GPS equipment mix and match
  • Provides upgrade path for existing installations
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Pacific Crest PDL High Power Base (HPB)