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NaviModel offers high-performance digital terrain models in 2D, 3D and 4D. The software features high-tech tools for model analysis and manipulations. Features include:

  • 3D object integration
  • Unlimited model sizes
  • Inspection and eventing
  • Automatic cleaning (S-CAN)
  • Analysis and calculation tools (volume/area, cross/length profile, etc)
  • Video and GIS integration
  • Point cloud stitching

You can choose between three different NaviModel options:

NaviModel Free Viewer
Visualisation of any type of laser or sonar XYZ data. It will allow your end-clients to view and navigate data, change visualisation settings, and create a fly-through video of the delivered 3D models.

NaviModel Analyser
Basic post-processing and analysis of data, offering your end-clients the possibility of working with the delivered survey data themselves to a limited extent.

NaviModel Producer
The complete solution comprising all the features of NaviModel for data processing, cleaning, modelling and reporting. The optimal choice for all survey companies looking to work with high-performance digital terrain models in 2D, 3D and 4D, supplemented by high-tech tools for model analysis and manipulation.

These three new options were introduced with NaviModel 4.0, launched in September 2015. All licence owners with a NaviModel 3.X licence who subscribe to our SMS service can upgrade to NaviModel Producer version 4.0. This also applies to the S-CAN and 3D pipe options.

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