Geotronix is proud to announce the addition of Geomatix to its portfolio of distributors.

“We are delighted to work with Geomatix whose GeoTide product is the most sophisticated tidal analyzer available in the market today. We believe the addition of their product line complements our extensive range of hydrographic equipment pool and will strengthen our position as one stop Hydrographic Equipment and Software Technology Provider in the region”, said Managing Director of Geotronix, Fajar S. Adi.

“The rapidly growing economy in Indonesia is putting more pressure on port and harbour infrastructure which means accurate tidal predictions, tidal levels, and tidal data logging are all vital. As far as our products GeoTide and TideReach are concerned, we feel Geotronix make an ideal match for us in this region” replied Dr Steve Taylor MinstP, MIEEE, AFRIN, Managing Director of Geomatix Ltd.


Geomatix specializes in tidal prediction and hydrography, providing applications and consultancy services to maritime organizations world-wide. GeoTide and TideReach have a broad range of users from shipping, environmental and government agencies, harbour and port authorities, offshore survey, fishing, offshore oil & gas, and hydrographic offices.

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